First time users

Do you guarantee two day service?

We do our best to ensure that your order get delivered back in a timely manner. However, we also need to ensure that we properly treat stains and press your clothes. In most cases, orders are delivered back within two business days, but if one item is held up, we will hold the order until the next day when everything is ready. Items such as shoe shines, sheets, pillowcases, hand washed items and other specialty items often require an extra day of processing and may delay your order. You will receive a notification once your order is ready for pick up.

How do I get a personal bag?

The first time you place an order with us, you can purchase the “B&S kledinghoes”. Each time we receive laundry in your bag, we will know it’s from you. Please don’t give your laundry bag to someone else or we may mistakenly charge your account. If we notice that your bag is getting worn, we will replace it automatically for you.

How do I get in the Bubble&Stitch kiosk?

Just swipe your dept card or credit card to unlock the door. The card reader is located on the right of the front door. There are no fees or registration costs.

How do I place my order using text messaging?

Simply text the word LAUNDRY to 063520050. The system looks up your default address and places an order for you. If you are at a locker location, you will need to text the locker number too, in the format e.g. 1001

I have never used Bubble&Stitch before, what do I need to do?

Bubble&Stitch couldn’t be more simple to use. Click SIGN-UP/LOGIN at the top of the page and follow the steps to create an account.

Or, you can text CREATE followed by your e-mail address to 0635250050. For example: “CREATE [email protected]

Or, you can download our DROPLOCKER app in the iStore or Google Play.

Please also see our How it works page for step by step instructions.

I put my order in a locker, how do I pay for it?

You can pay your order either by credit card or Paypal. Once you have created an account through our website, App or SMS service you have to give in your payment information. As soon as your order is picked up you will receive an email detailing your items and payment. If you select the convenient automatic payment option, we will automatically charge your card or Paypal account for all future orders.

Is my laundry safe?

Absolutely! Remember, only you and a Bubble&Stitch employee has access to your locker. Thereby, our kiosk locations is equipped with a camera system for extra safety.

What is Bubble&Stitch?

Bubble&Stitch is introducing a new way to dry clean and launder. We’re placing lockers in offices, residences and other convenient locations. Thereby we have a 24/7 kiosk located at de Overtoom 438 in Amsterdam. Here you can bring and collect your items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We try to make cleaning your clothes as easy as possible.

If you want a Bubble&Stitch location near you, feel free to contact us on T: 071-15616241 or E: [email protected]

Where is the nearest Bubble&Stitch location?

Please take a look on our website or on our Droplocker app for our locations. We have both public locations and locations in office and apartment buildings. If there is no Bubble&stitch location near you feel free to contact us. We are happy to talk about the possibility of offering our service in your building.

Our services

Which services does Bubble&Stitch offer?

We offer a dry cleaning, wash and fold and basic clothing repair service. When you place your order, please tell us what service needs to be done. When your order is ready you will receive an email and text message with your locker number and acces code.